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Corporate Sponsors for the Network is a website and accompanying mobile app that provides a free charging point for visitors to corporate sponsors who host a BatteryXchange kiosk on their premises. Corporate sponsors can also partner to promote their business on the BatteryXchange mobile app to target audiences in specific locations. BatteryXchange is seeking corporate sponsors to help support the costs of providing the free charging point and to help promote the battery bank kiosk model. Sponsoring businesses will benefit from increased foot traffic, brand awareness, and the goodwill of supporting a sustainable initiative.

One of the up and coming ways to provide a highly visible presence and a huge benefit to the end users of any local venue is through mobile charging stations or battery bank kiosks.  By leveraging this technology you can get your brand in front of virtually all of the attendees of a specific venue while also providing an ideal end user experience by keeping them connected and charged.  Charged devices help the patrons stay engaged and by providing a charging point within the venue helps increase the dwell time for visitors.

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Google Play Link to BatteryXchange App

BatteryXchange has created a unique model for a corporate sponsor that allow full branding of the battery bank kiosk units while providing free charging point for the customers. The end users will associate your brand with good will and will have to return to a kiosk to return the battery bank thus engraining a positive experience with your business. 

The large LCD screen on the units also helps garner attention and can provide a means to also resonate your messaging and provide custom ad space that is highly visible when deployed in a venue.

Corporate sponsors are at the core of our community and help us deliver on a desire to bring free charging to the masses.


Let us provide you with a creative way to engage target audiences with a unique variety that will delight your audience and help create a positive and memorable experience.  

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