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#1 Mobile Phone Charging Kiosk

Need to find a mobile phone charger kiosk in Charlotte, NC… 


Download our app and find a kiosk to get a free 24hr battery bank to charge your device.

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All about BatteryXchange in Charlotte NC

BatteryXchange is at the forefront of solving one of the most common challenges for students, traveling professionals, or people enjoying a normal night out after a busy day.  Battery anxiety is a term coined by those with electric vehicles to describe the challenge of needing to get to a charger before your battery runs out. Many of us have experienced a similar feeling long before electric vehicles hit mainstream status with concern around staying in communication with a dying device battery.


BatteryXchange was birthed out of the idea of living life charged, and is headquartered in the beautiful Charlotte, NC. The name comes from the concept of having an always charged battery pack or battery bank that can easily be picked up from one kiosk and dropped off at another. 

Imagine a world where a charged device is as simple as using our connected app.  It allows you to find local kiosk stations, scan to receive a battery, and once the device is charged find a station to return it to. 


We find that your battery will typically charge from 0% to 70% within 30 minutes and because the battery banks have built in connectors for most apple and android phones there is no need worry about needing a cable to connect your device.

The best part for the consumer is that the battery rental is completely free and easy to use. 

We’re on a mission to bring Free mobile charging solutions to the masses – join us today!  To inquire about how to get a mobile charging kiosk for your venue or business please contact us by clicking Join our Network below. 

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