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Noda Arts District 
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Located in the heart of Charlotte, NC, the Noda art district is a vibrant and creative community. With its colorful murals, unique galleries, and buzzing live music venues, it's no wonder that Noda has become one of the city's most popular destinations. Whether you're looking for a place to grab a bite or experience some culture, Noda has it all. From local artists selling their handmade creations to live performances from up-and-coming musicians, there is something for everyone in the Noda art district. Along with its art and culture scene, Noda offers plenty of outdoor activities. From outdoor yoga classes to bike trails, you'll find plenty of ways to take advantage of every moment. The common problem of a dying phone battery is solved by finding a local BatteryXchange kiosk.  Get a fully charged battery bank for free, charge your phone within 30 minutes, and return your battery pack to any of the local kiosk stations.

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