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BatteryXchange + Healthcare =
Happier Visitors

As health care systems continue to weight options of improving patient experience BatteryXchange helps in a unique way by providing equitable access to portable battery packs through our network of branded kiosks. With our kiosks deployed your patients, visitors and staff have access to a fully charged battery bank to supply them with needed connectivity to make waits and stays more pleasant.

Our kiosks are attractive as amenities as they allow full branding on the outside of the machine and through our partnership model you have full in app access to a targeted audience of users.  Your health care venue can be highlighted as a host of our units and can display messaging within the users app experience.

The full color displays and dual speakers allow health care offices and hospitals to capture the attention of visitors while providing free access to an easy charging source.

It is easy and convenient as you simply place the kiosk at location with power and wifi and it can manage the rental process without supervision. Users can interact with the units through our app or via the onscreen display. Health care venues benefit from free advertising within our network which allow users to find locations quickly when needed and messaging as they rent or return batteries to the units.

Download the App Today!

Apple Store to download app
Google Play Link to BatteryXchange App

BatteryXchange helps Healthcare venues achieve 
better satisfaction scores. 

Our goal is to change consumer habits by providing convenient access to additional power for their devices in businesses and venues where they already spend their time. From a business standpoint, we're partnering with health systems to improve the patient experience especially for patients that don't plan on being in emergency situations.

BXE’s value proposition is that we provide a low-cost, app-enabled platform that allows users to remain on the go and charge their devices uninterrupted for free. Unlike other competitors that feature a tethered charging option with no additional value to partner locations. BXE offers kiosks that allow for the opportunity to advertise on digital screens, and we soon hope to launch updates to our mobile app so that businesses can feature promotions through push notification to encourage additional foot traffic to their establishments.

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