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BatteryXchange + Healthcare =
Happier Visitors

With batteryXchange, we are changing the way consumers power their electronic devices. Our app-enabled platform provides an affordable and convenient solution for on-the go charging in partner locations such as health systems that seek to enhance patient experience. Beyond this non-tethering service our kiosks also offer great promotional opportunities via digital screens which businesses can advertise on and our feature rich app allows prominent placement of brands and messaging as users interact with the charging network.

Hospitals and other health care facilities must consistently strive for high patient satisfaction, as it is a key factor in long-term success. Unsurprisingly this is why hospitals are increasingly investing in improving the guest experience within their premises. There are several methods hospitals can use to increase satisfaction scores, such as using technology to improve the patient experience, increasing quality of care, and enhancing customer service.

By creating a more welcoming atmosphere for visitors is another way hospitals can improve the customer experience. Hospital amenities such as cafes, restaurants, retail outlets and art galleries can help create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere in the premises. Providing visitors with Wi-Fi access, charging solutions, convenience stores, and other amenities can help make them feel more at ease during their visit to the hospital.

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Free Charging for Your Healthcare Venue Visitors

Investing in customer experience initiatives such as technological solutions and hospitality services like the BatteryXchange kiosks, hospitals can create a better environment for patients that will ultimately lead to higher satisfaction scores and improved patient outcomes. 

The kiosks provide the visitors and patients with a free, easy, and convenient option for keeping their devices charged and managed without requiring them to be tethered to a specific location within the facility.  Our no-cost, app-enabled platform allows users the freedom of an uninterrupted charge. BXE is dedicated to revolutionizing consumer habits and providing seamless access to power for devices in convenient venues By doing so, hospitals can ensure they create a more pleasant experience for visitors.

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