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BatteryXchange + Your College =
Happier Students

BatteryXchange is a great way to get your message across to college students. The company has partnered with several universities in order enhance recruiting on campus, year-round engagement and offers a unique opportunity to provide a valuable service to students while promoting your brand.

Our kiosks can be deployed in any facility with power and wifi.  The units are self-sufficient in deploying, charging, and managing the portable power banks they dispense which allows 24 hour access to the devices and the power they provide. The units have a full color display and dual speaker capability and full customization of the unit to promote your business or institution to the audience. We can target your ideal student through unit placement within the school’s facilities that best meet your needs. Your business can brand not only on the kiosk display and display in app promotion of your messaging, but the students, faculty, staff, and visitors all have access to an amenity that provides them with a valuable service.

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Free Charging for Your
College's Students, Staff, and Visitors

Our recent deployment at Winston Salem State University has seen tremendous success in branding our affiliates to the students, staff, and visitors of the campus.  We have seen over 4300+ rentals and almost 200 rentals per week from the devices deployed there. This has allowed our partnered companies to create good will within the campus and opened fresh recruiting opportunities and engagement from students there with the represented brands.

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