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Raleigh Businesses Join the Network

BatteryXchange is accepting new host locations for 2023. Our partnership team is looking to expand our current book of venues. We have successfully deployed units in over 20 locations including health care facilities, colleges, small business, events, event venues, and sports teams.

A sponsorship with BatteryXchange promotes goodwill within the community by providing a free energy amenity to keep people connected and devices charged.  Our battery bank rental kiosks provide a full charged battery bank with the most popular connectors integrated into the battery pack to allow charging to most apple and android devices.

Apple Store to download app
Google Play Link to BatteryXchange App

An estimated 20 million people experience dead battery situations on a monthly basis. A typical use pattern for a mobile device is approximately 16hrs daily and the need to stay connected is greater than ever before. The BatteryXchange was born out of the idea of living life charged. Our app allows easy access to our network of battery bank kiosk that allow you to charge your mobile phone easily. Imagine always having a charged battery pack or battery bank that can easily be picked up from one kiosk and dropped off at another. 

The BatteryXchange is a completely automated kiosk that provides a free to use battery bank that is always charged, will typically get your phone from 0% to 70% within 30 minutes, and with our app you have access to all the live locations around you with just a click of a button!

To find our mobile charging kiosks around the Raleigh region take a quick peek inside our app. Within 30 minutes you will be charged, and ready to get back to living life charged!

→ App enables you to find kiosk location around you

→ Includes most popular charging cables (USB type C, USB mini, and Apple lighting connector)

→ Once charging is complete simply return battery bank to any kiosk

→ No additional plugs are necessary for most devices

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