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Cell Phone Charing Stations in 
Ballantyne Charlotte NC

No one likes a dead phone. Especially in Ballantyne.

That's why BatteryXchange has your back. With our cell phone charging stations, you can get your phone back to 100% in as little as 30 minutes. And if you're done using it for the night, you can return it to another local kiosk. So go out and about, worry-free, and download our app to find the nearest cell phone charging station to you.

Download our app

Apple Store to download app
Google Play Link to BatteryXchange App

Benefits of joining the free network

-It's free to use! There are no rental fees or membership dues; simply return the charger within 24 hours.


- It's Fast! Get a full charge in about 30 minutes

-The chargers are always available when you need them; just return them when you're done.


-No more worrying about carrying around a spare charger or finding an outlet in a crowded place.

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